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 Shawn Swafford 2009 traditional harvest. Public land, Colorado.

Tanner Swafford 2011 first deer.

Tanner Swafford 2012. Doe #2!

Shawn Swafford 2011 spot and stalk whitetail taken with recurve in Milo field.

Tanner Swafford 2012 first turkey. Taken on Public Hunting.

Customer Michael S. with big Virgina whitetail. Nice shot with the longbow!

ShawnSwafford 2010 Kansas whitetail

Alfred Janssen and PH Karl Krull in South Africa

Katie Payne 2010 Kansas Whitetail

Marta Payne 2010 Kansas whitetail

Shawn Swafford 2007 New Mexico public land elk

Shawn Swafford Kansas turkey