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The Curve (semi-skinner design)

The Curve is a racy looking and excellent performing big game knife. with a 3" blade (cutting edge measurement) it is efficient, yet not unweildy. The increased belly in the blade and the upswept tip makes skinning a breeze.


Blade length 3". Depth is .875 +/-

Overall length 7 3/4"

Blade thickness 1/8"

Blade steel. D-2 with cryo quench 60-61 rockwell.


Autumn Hunter

Shown with Honduran Rosewood scales and mosaic pins.

A sleek and trim field knife that was designed to be an ideal medium big game knife. Excellent for field dressing chores and will also handle caping with ease. The blade is ground of D-2 steel to a .025 edge thickness before the bevel is added. Hardened, cryo treated, and triple tempered to a rockwell of 60-61, it will take a razor sharp edge and hold it.

To quote a veteran deer hunter with over 70 archery deer to his credit, he had this to say about the Autumn Hunter. " Best damn little knife I've used.....kept the edge through its pace-very impressive."


Blade length 3" Cutting edge only Blade depth is .800 +/-

Overall length 7 1/2"

Blade thickness 1/8"

Blade steel D-2 60-61RC with sub zero "cryo" quench


Fin and Feather

Shown with walnut Dymondwood.

The Fin and Feather is an ideal bird and trout knife.   In addition, it is an outstanding caping knife. It's short and pointed blade allows the user to get in close and tight when caping. This provides the pinpoint control needed to do a professional job that your taxidermist will appreciate. 



Blade length- cutting edge only, 2 1/2" Blade depth is .625 +/-

Overall length-  6 1/2"

Blade thickness- 3/32"

Blade steel D-2  60-61RC with sub-zero quench