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Fin and Feather  $240 base price

Autumn Hunter $250 base price

Semi-Skinner $260 base price

Timberline $260 base price

All knives come standard with a quality handcrafted and fitted leather sheath made from Hermann Oak Leather. US hides tanned in the US. All materials used in my knives are US made. That is very important to me. Sheaths are a pouch style and fit snug.

Standard handles are your choice of exotic or domestic woods. I use nicely figured wood for all knives even at the base price models. Extra fancy woods are available. Mosaic pins are now standard and included in the base price. Please see options below for pricing.


Wood upgrades to extra fancy figure or hard to find wood around $30-40 depending on my cost. Subject to availability.

Basket weave stamping on sheath $25


Shawn Swafford

816 Mountain View Drive East

Twin Falls, ID 83301