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All our materials are top grade and selected with performance and aesthetics in mind.


All knives have blades ground from D-2 steel. D-2 is a carbon steel that has a 12% chromium content. The content for stainless starts at 13%, so it resists staining much better than other carbon steels. The steel has superb wear resistance due to the large amount of carbides in the microstructure. I personally heat treat and rockwell test each blade. A sub- zero treatment is part of the quench and contributes to edge stability. All blades are triple tempered to 60-61 Rockwell. I feel D-2 is the best knife steel available when all things are considered and is the only steel I work with.


 We try to keep a good selection of burled and highly figured wood on hand.


Leather is traditional and beautiful. I use 8-9 oz Hermann Oak U.S. leather for my sheaths.  All sheaths are crafted by myself.